Youth Rising!

This is the edited version! Sorry Olivia and Justin!

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Note:  The our HeNaJo Team YouTube account is with a password of GoBucky! (note there is no “1” in there!  My mistake!)

Mt. Olympus field trip permission slips and $14 are due on Tuesday as well!

Please email Ms. Henze any files over the weekend.

Language Arts:  Multi-genre projects are due on Tuesday!  

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Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Language Arts:  Students are required to have a rough draft for 2 of their multi-genre projects.  Also, a concrete Poem is also due on Tuesday.

Math:  Exercises #7 -11 on p. 32 on loose leaf (from yesterday)

Social Studies:  We introduced our end of the year project.  Students are required to answer the 4 essential questions over the weekend and to come back to class on Tuesday.

Science:  Students need to write down the traits of their family members for these features: hairline, earlobes, tongue, pinkie, eye color, hair color (natural – from youth).  Due Tuesday.

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Thursday, May 16

CHOW permission slips and $3 is due on Monday, 5/21, Mt. Olympus slips and $14 is due by Tuesday, June 4.  All fees must be paid before students can attend the Mt. Olympus trip.

Language Arts:  Today, the independent reading assignment for Africa was due.  In addition, students need to finish annotating the article about Teen drivers for tomorrow’s class and there will be a grammar test tomorrow as well.

Math:  All students need to complete #8-10 on p. 18-19 which is due tomorrow.  The assignment from yesterday, ACE #3-7 p. 17 (challenge: #17-19 p.22-23) was due today.

Science:  Students conducted an online investigation (username:  jhenze44  password: Sherman53704)about Walking Stick populations in 3 different environments.  Most students were able to collect the data in class, but few were able to represent the data in graphs and complete the analysis questions, so that needs to be completed as homework.

Social Studies:  None.

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Thursday, May 9

Language Arts:  Students should review their notes and tomorrow is the prefix test and Friday essay.  Students should be finishing up their Independent Study books for their final project, which will be assigned on Monday.

Math:  Students will be taking the unit test for What Do You Expect? tomorrow.  Here are some problems they can work through as a review:

Core:  p. 36 #27, p. 16 #21, p. 33 #15-19, p. 43 #4, and p. 11 #3

Challenge:  p. 35 #24, p. 15 #19, p. 48 #28, p. 43 #4, p. 18 #30

Science:  Students had the opportunity to retake their Biome assessment today in class.  Those students that didn’t retake it began reading an article related to the carrying capacity of Earth for humans.  

Social Studies:  Students need to bring headphones to class tomorrow.  They will be taking an interactive tour online and there is sound involved.

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TGIF May 3

Language Arts:  Students should complete their Charity Letter for Monday.  We will be sending the letter and the check to the charity during Exploratories, so please make sure to have it completed!  Here is the template that was provided during class today.

Math:  There is no homework over the weekend.

Science:  Today students worked to understand an organized food web.  Here is an online version, if students want extra practice.  Click on Multimedia, then click on “ecoscenarios” (username: jhenze44, password:  Sherman53704 <- it is case sensitive!) .  No additional homework. Students will have an opportunity to “retake” their Biomes Test next week Thursday.  No Notes will be allowed on the retake.

Social Studies:  Next week’s map test:  Mauritius, Comoros, Seychelles, Madagascar.  Explorer’s Journal #9 is due on Monday, and Students should organize their notebook for their upcoming quiz.

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, May 2

Language Arts:  Writing Challenge #29, Poetry analysis

Math:  p. 25 Letter E, NOTE:  the board for the Challenge problem was #23 on p. 33, but it is actually on p. 35 (I guess I can’t read my own handwriting!)

Social Studies:  Polish your notes from “Sarafina!”

Science:  None

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Wednesday, May 1

From now on, the blog will be updated less frequently.  We are beginning to transition the students for next year where it is possible that this won’t be available for them.  Students need to be independent in writing down their assignments in their planner.

In addition, our supply of pencils has been depleted.  Please donate pencils, or ensure that your child has a supply for the remainder of the school year!

Language Arts:  Finish the poem analysis for tomorrow.

Math:  ACE #2 p. 27, Challenge Problems: Multiplication Game Analysis

Science:  None

Social Studies:  Primary document analysis is due tomorrow.

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Thursday, April 25

Language Arts:  Notebook check for writing challenges #11-20 will be tomorrow.  Suffix test is tomorrow as well.

Math:  Unit test was today.  Tomorrow we will start What Do You Expect?

Science:  Review notes!  Summary and questions are due tomorrow.

Social Studies:  Map Test will be tomorrow.  Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea

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Service Learning & Zulu Love Letter day!

We have been hard at work preparing for our event this evening!  Just a reminder that we start at 6:00 pm and we are ending at 7:30 pm.  Please stop by and enjoy some pizza and consider purchasing and/or donating money for our student’s charities.

Reminder:  Tomorrow is Take Your Child to Work Day.  It is important that students have a permission slip turned in or that a parent/guardian calls the office to excuse them at the beginning of the day.

Language Arts:  Tomorrow Ms. Naputi is checking Writing Challenges #11-20 in their notebooks.  The suffix test is on Friday.

Math:  p. 25 #16-25 (Common Core book) Students can use 1 sheet of notes on their unit test tomorrow.

Social Studies: Study for the map quiz!  Ms. Jorgensen has pushed it back till Friday since so many students will be gone for Take Your Child To Work Day.  This week’s countries:  Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea

Science:  Students should be studying their notes on Symbiosis.  There will be an assessment on it coming up next week.

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